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Discover the natural alternative to full-time diapering and conventional potty training...presented for the first time in a simplified, visual manner...

Who this book is for

So many people hear about Elimination Communication and wonder how infant pottying could possibly work for them. Whether you’ve got 3 kids or one on the way, a full time job or 2 hired nannies, you want to continue using diapers or go completely diaper-free, you live in an apartment in NYC or on a homestead in Iowa…EC can work for you and my book will show you exactly how to do it.

Want to avoid 3 years of diaper dependence and potty training struggles? Want to begin using EC but you’re confused about how to start? Already doing it, but failing? If you're working with a 0-18 month baby, please read on…

(18 months and up? Check out my non-coercive potty training book.)

About the Book & Bonus Materials

EC Simplified is more than just a book…it is a multimedia experience of exactly how to start, what to expect, and how to troubleshoot challenges along the way. Endorsed by, the EC Simplified package will help you learn EC hands-on, how it’s meant to be learned! By seeing, doing, and experiencing…

ECS 5th Anniversary COVER

the digital book a vibrant 333 page digital book. easy to search and hop around. read instantly on any computer, smartphone, or tablet & save trees.

visual, simple, and hands-on 100s of full-color photos, easy-to-follow flowcharts, and clear drawings demonstrate exactly how to do Elimination Communication

specifics for every age range start EC with your baby at any age from 0-18 months, including newborn, mobile baby, and young toddler ages (no one else teaches starting EC “older” the way this book does)

covers the most common challenge areas includes sections on Part-time EC, Nighttime EC, Late Start EC (5-18 mos), Praise, Potty Pauses, and ECing while breastfeeding, in the city, in nature, or while traveling

includes ground-breaking advances in the EC field conclusive sections on Potty Pauses, The Building Blocks of Potty Independence (the only existing guide to graduating EC), Responsible Diaper-free Time, How to Use the Diaper Back-up as a Tool, Mobile Baby and Toddler EC, correcting peeing-on-the-floor habits, and more

excludes everything that does not work filtered to only include the research and techniques that are known to create a positive, effective potty practice with your baby

the book owners' bonus materials a collection of multimedia resources that completes the "hands-on" experience the book introduces. your online membership dashboard contains the following:

private video library over 45 minutes of instructional EC videos. titles include what a pee/poo signal and potty looks like, observation time, learning signals & timing, and cueing along with a pee/poo, city pottying, car pottying, nature pottying, and more.

private downloads library a collection of 35+ tools and downloads including fill-in-the-blank timing and signal logs, a guide for caregivers, a guide for dads, a letter to the daycare, and more.

private support group exclusive access to our private Facebook group featuring 100s of Andrea’s readers and certified coaches where you can ask questions, share successes, and give/receive support

troubleshooting knowledgebase the top 70 known EC challenges and their solutions, organized in a searchable format. add your own questions, too.

the audiobook (included in Packages ONLY) listen to the whole EC Simplified book, on-the-go, from any device. professionally recorded, divided up by chapters, super easy to learn.

free lifetime updates anytime Andrea updates or adds to the digital book or bonus materials, you'll get the newest version sent to your inbox. the freshest EC information, all the time.

paperback book (limited edition - paperback/package options only) although Andrea highly recommends sticking to the digital learning format, which is very hands-on, there are a few paperback books available for a limited time.

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Just the introductory Elimination Communication class at most natural parenting centers usually costs about $35 for 2 hours…and what are diapers going to cost? You can download my book instantly and begin Elimination Communication today. The EC Simplified digital book is currently $97 $20.

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What one of my readers has to say...

ECS 5th Anniversary COVER

EC Simplified Book

$97.00$147.00 $20.00$35.00

NOTE: Paperback books will be mailed out on November 1, 2016. Thanks for your patience as we get them printed and in stock. :) The EC Simplified book is a hands-on experience of exactly how to start, maintain, and complete Elimination Communication with babies 0-18 months. The book simplifies the infant potty training process into a step-by-step guide including a multimedia book owners’ website (included with every purchase).


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digital (pdf only), digital package (pdf + audiobook), paperback (350 page book + pdf), paperback package (350 page book + pdf + audiobook)

Did you know that EC starts early? (or: why you should not wait to read this book)

Elimination Communication (like offering nap time and breastfeeding) just plain starts early. Babies are born signaling, born wanting to stay hygienic and dry (to not sit in their waste)…born ready! Conventional potty training theoretically begins when baby is “ready,” ranging from 18-36 months of age. You might not be aware that EC can start on day one, even in tiny, doable ways (though you may start at any age – 0-18 months – that works for you)….

  • I know first-hand how difficult it is to be pregnant, have a newborn, or just to be living your life, day to day. We live in such a busy time (and are often doing it all alone)! That said…I would not put off starting EC…and skipping out on changing most of the poopy diapers makes the up-front work worth it. : ) Whether you choose a part-time or full-time potty practice, if you are able to start today (even in some small way), you’ll someday look back and be grateful you did it!

Most new parents regret that they didn’t
start (or learn about) EC sooner.

Pregnant? Consider this your best research source and read up.

Brand new parent? Start EC before baby gets mobile and you both become reliant upon the diaper.

Have a mobile baby (6-12 months)? It’s the perfect time to start reversing that diaper habit.

Have a young toddler (12-18 months)? Many of my readers follow my guidelines for starting EC with this age and find great success. It is honestly never too late to start….you’re right on time. And this is the only place you'll find clear instructions on how to do EC at this age.

Buy EC Simplified and start reading today

Just the introductory Elimination Communication class at most natural parenting centers usually costs about $35 for 2 hours…and what are diapers going to cost? You can download my book instantly and begin EC today. The EC Simplified digital book is currently $97 $20.

Want to see more? Here's a sample.

I wanted you to have an interactive set of tools to learn EC quickly and easily. So, here is the downloadable free sample again which will help you see what you’re going to receive (including the FULL Table of Contents):

Here's what parents are saying about my book.

infant potty training book“I highly recommend this beautiful and excellent resource for ec families. It is the first multimedia version (bravo!) and thus enables readers to quickly find things in the book. EC Simplified is richly illustrated and is an invaluable compilation of information.”

-Laurie Boucke, author Infant Potty Training: A Gentle and Primeval Method Adapted to Modern Living


Katrin, Germany"Even though we're 'only' doing part-time EC, I'm really glad I started it and wish I had started earlier. After some time of leaving most of it to me, even my partner got involved and is now proudly telling me about his success every night (I'm back to work and he is at home at the moment), which always makes me smile :-)

Thanks for your motivation! I wouldn't have been able to start and keep this up without you, the book and the community (unfortunately, I don't know anybody around me doing EC as well)."

-Katrin, Germany

elizabeth dallas"I’ve been reading your website and emails for weeks now and trying to do EC… and I have just finally decided to commit and buy your book so I can do it right! Now, I have the EC Simplified ebook open on my iPad, and a bare baby bottom on my lap! :) I haven’t read more than a couple pages in one sitting of any book since she was born 3 months ago."

-Elizabeth G., Dallas, Texas


andi b london"Your book has helped me take the leap into EC.  Had I known it’d be so easy, I’d have started earlier.  My baby is now 13 weeks old.  I started only a week and a half ago and he’s already waiting. I haven’t got much time to read these days…the reason I like your book so much is because it is a much more concise, easier read than all the others out there."

-Andi B., London, UK

Yeah, but Andrea...What if it doesn't work for me?

I understand why folks fear that EC won’t work for them or their unique baby. The fear lies in the unknown, my friends! But get this: over half of the world’s infants are toilet trained by 1 year old. Infant pottying does work. For over 200,000 years, in some way or form, it has worked. EC works because your infant was born ready.

However, if you don’t decide on a solid starting point and put a tiny bit of effort into it in the beginning (even just one solid day), just like learning to breastfeed together, EC might not work so well, and you probably won’t want to maintain it. But you know what? I believe in you. I’ve made it simple for you. Billions of caregivers across the world have blazed the trail. Start EC with my book today and you will not regret it.

And remember…toilet training is time-consuming
and lacks convenience no matter when you begin.
You may choose to start today or just wait 2-3 more years…
I’m certain it will still be there once all that time passes. :)

Start EC today with my book

Just the introductory Elimination Communication class at most natural parenting centers usually costs about $35 for 2 hours…and what are diapers going to cost? You can download my book instantly and begin EC today. The EC Simplified digital book is currently $97 $20.

About the author, Andrea Olson


Andrea Olson, MA, is a DiaperFreeBaby Mentor who has condensed all the good info on EC out there into a concise resource, vivid and clear, to help make it easy for parents of 0-18 month babies to start infant potty training with ease. She has spent the last several years working with 1000’s of parents, one-on-one, to solve the biggest EC challenges and make the practice of pottying their babies efficient, effective, and most of all…enjoyable. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and is endorsed by…and is mother to 3 children with a baby on the way. She lives in Asheville with her husband, children, nanny goat, puppy, two cats, and a bunch of chickens.


If you have any more questions about the book, please shoot me an email. I’m happy to personally reply!

Thanks for taking the time to read this info on starting EC with your baby. I wish you a very happy journey!


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Andrea Olson, MA
Mom, DiaperFreeBaby Mentor, Director of the Go Diaper Free Certified Coach Training Program, & Author

PS – As a work-at-home mother (WAHM), I appreciate the immense gift you give through your purchase today.

PPS – If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the quality of my book, you may request a full, no questions asked refund within 5 days of your purchase (not download) date.