Laura Quayle

Certified Coach | Serving North Shore of Boston and Surrounding Areas, MA, USA


Laura Quayle - Certified Coach

About Me

Laura is a Waldorf teacher and mother, living in Lynn, Massachusetts. She learned about elimination communication during her pregnancy, and embarked on this journey with her daughter. Laura is passionate about raising awareness about elimination communication in her local community because it is better for the environment and, at the same time, helps promote a strong, attentive bond between caregiver and child.

Serving North Shore of Boston and surrounding areas.

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My experiences with Elimination Communication

When did you first learn about EC? What did you think? What did you do about it?

What does it mean for you to teach EC?

What is your favorite piece of EC gear or clothing?

What book has inspired you the most on the path to becoming a more empowered mother?

What would you tell someone who is thinking of trying EC for the first time?