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Corinne Burr - Certified Coach

About Me

Several years ago I started to become very focused on health, posture, alignment, and anatomy. I tend towards ‘natural’ so when I became pregnant, I started to think about diapers, and realized I didn’t want to use them. I didn’t know how to make that happen until I traveled through Idaho and, by chance, met a woman with a

I didn’t know how to make that happen until I traveled through Idaho and, by chance, met a woman with a 6-month-old baby wearing split crotch pants and no diaper. She told me about elimination communication and I became determined to use EC with my baby. My daughter and I began EC from

My daughter and I began EC from birth and used cloth diapers as backups. As we went along our EC journey, I found myself so often saying “I have no idea”. I wasn’t really sure when or how best to potty my daughter and was struggling too much to figure out how to find support. I didn’t know it was out there.

Then in March of 2017, Go Diaper Free appeared in my life. I learned about the coach training program and was hooked. It was exactly what I had needed in my journey all along. What a difference it made to have a clear instruction manual and the support of a caring and knowledgeable community!

Now it gives me great joy to have the tools to support others on their own EC and potty training journeys. I offer support groups, classes, and private consultations for elimination communication and non-coercive potty training in the Chagrin Valley and surrounding communities.

Serving Chagrin Falls and surrounding areas (east side Cleveland)

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My experiences with Elimination Communication

When did you first learn about EC? What did you think? What did you do about it?

What does it mean for you to teach EC?

What is your favorite piece of EC gear or clothing?

What book has inspired you the most on the path to becoming a more empowered mother?

What would you tell someone who is thinking of trying EC for the first time?