Pottying your baby with toddlers around

By Andrea Olson | Oct 11, 2015
Toddler pottying a baby with EC

We are driving home from an event in Raleigh and I snapped this photo at Duke Gardens of me ECing Cooper while Isadora helped me by holding his legs and saying “pssss” while he peed. I know a lot of you have had or are about to have a 2nd or 3rd child whom you’d…

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Why Emily Ditched Attachment Parenting

By Andrea Olson | Oct 7, 2015

Attachment Parenting worked in some ways for Emily @Holistic Squid…but not in others. This is a photo she made: Attachment Parenting worked for me. It pretty much rocked and I’d say it worked for me…mostly. There are a few techniques I’d adjust next time around, and a bit more balance I’d bring into it all.…

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Video: Toddler pee signal

By Andrea Olson | Oct 6, 2015
toddler pee signals on playground

Here’s my first son when he was 17 months old signaling that he needs to use the potty by squatting and then grabbing his crotch. Loved this post? Here are a few more: Not All “Developmental Delays” Mak… The Unexpected Benefits of Early Potty T… Resistance: My baby resists the potty an…

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Why are we trained to watch our babies poop and THEN change their diapers?

By Andrea Olson | Sep 15, 2015
watching our babies poop, waiting to change their diapers

As a preface, this post is about how we parents have been trained to wait for our babies to go in their diapers. Which is different from noticing that our babies have gone in their diapers and then changing that dirty diaper. This is about watching them, waiting for it to be done, and then…

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Elimination Communication How-to Video #2 -Pottying Baby On-the-Go (In the Car)/ Timing

By Andrea Olson | Sep 11, 2015
EC on the go video

Practicing EC on the go is one of the biggest challenges for most new parents. Here I am pottying my then 5 month old baby over his tophat potty in my car, using transition times (aka Generic Timing per my book) to potty him before putting him into the baby carrier after taking him out…

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Elimination Communication Resistance: The Continuum Concept, EC, & Child-centeredness

By Andrea Olson | Sep 9, 2015

If you’ve been doing Elimination Communication and things were going smoothly, and all of a sudden your baby is simply resisting, full-force, to sit on the potty (but you’re certain that you are paying attention. In fact, you pay attention so much that this SHOULD be working, right? You put aside everything else and make…

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How have people in places like the desert or the arctic done EC for thousands of years?

By Andrea Olson | Sep 2, 2015
Potty FAQ

Q: I would LOVE to know more about how people in places like the desert or the arctic have done EC for thousands of years? I don’t think they would have nicely contoured potties for little babes to sit on. ~Niladri H., Brighton, UK A: Hey Niladri…although potties are pretty recent inventions, apparently the Ancient Greeks…

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The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Elimination Communication

By Andrea Olson | Aug 26, 2015
travel & EC pottying

As if doing EC isn’t (at times) tricky enough for Western parents while at home…taking it on the road can add a-whole-nother dimension. Have you ever had the joy of changing a diaper in an airplane lavatory? How about a sitting amidst a giant poopie diaper blow-out while you’re on a bus (with no bathroom…

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The 5 Biggest Potty Training Mistakes

By Andrea Olson | Aug 20, 2015

I’ve been doing this long enough to know what parents can do to derail potty training. I collected each and every thing parents stated they could have done differently and I’ve compiled it all into a video, which you’ll find below. There are roughly 5 potty training mistakes, in total, that you’ll want to avoid…

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My Unassisted Birth

By Andrea Olson | Aug 18, 2015
birth without fear

NOTE: If you want to be notified of my new book, The Unassisted Birth Manual, when it is published, please add your name here. Also, the below has some graphic images. Please use discretion. Thx! It’s the morning of July 22nd. I woke up at 7am and my husband got my son ready for Jumpstart…

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