When can you stop using diapers

When can you stop using diapers with your baby?

By Andrea Olson | Oct 12, 2017

You have a baby. Your baby wears diapers. You might want to know WHEN you can STOP using DIAPERS already. If you hate changing diapers, the cost, the waste, or you feel like your baby probably doesn't want to sit in them, there is a way OUT. Hint: It's YOUNGER than you think. WAY YOUNGER.…

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Pros and Cons of Starting EC with a Young Toddler

Yes, you can start EC at 12-18 months of age. And finish.

By Andrea Olson | Sep 25, 2017

You can start potty training at 12 months old with elimination communication. Okay, okay. I just did that for Google. So people can find this post. You are not actually starting potty training at 12 months old…with EC, you are starting to tune in to your baby's needs, learn his or her patterns, and beginning to potty…

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Why starting EC with a mobile baby can be super fun, and challenging.

By Andrea Olson | Sep 5, 2017

Starting Elimination Communication with a 6 month baby, up to 12 months old, is absolutely recommended. And common! ​Most of you found out about EC (or had the guts or wherewithall to start doing it) when your baby was around 6-12 months old. I'd say about 63% of you are in this boat. This can…

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Pros and Cons of Starting EC with a Newborn Baby

Why starting EC at birth is easiest…and dang hard

By Andrea Olson | Aug 29, 2017

Starting Elimination Communication at birth is a no-brainer! I'm gonna share why The Golden Window is 0-4 months old, why starting EC at this age will help you stick with it… and why most parents just don't start at birth (but should). Whether it's colic or lovely chafed bits or plain exhaustion, the first few postpartum…

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How to learn your baby's patterns

How to learn your baby's patterns

By Andrea Olson | Aug 14, 2017

Over the many years that I've been teaching Elimination Communication, I've learned one thing above all else: When you feel lost or unsuccessful, re-learn your baby's patterns. Every single time…it is the magic antidote for any potty challenge. Babies grow. Bladder sizes increase. Attention spans increase (promise). And we, parents, have to re-learn how often…

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the diaper as a tool for EC

Why I bought a package of size 5 diapers 3 days ago

By Andrea Olson | Jul 31, 2017

I have a confession to make. A dirty, filthy, so-not-PC-for-EC, confession. I bought a pack of size 5 Seventh Generation disposable diapers 3 days ago. Let me explain…and in doing so, perhaps you can feel a little less ashamed yourself. He was dry all night at 20 months. Cooper, my 3rd baby, super duper chill,…

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How often do babies need to pee or poop

How often do babies need to pee or poo?

By Andrea Olson | Jul 21, 2017

Today we're gonna talk about the very mysterious timing of babies' elimination systems…fondly known as #1 and #2. How often do babies pee? How often do babies poop? How often do newborns go? (And why is it easiest to start EC at this age?) How often do toddlers go? What does a regular poop rhythm…

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AMA GoDiaperFree Cover Image - JULY 14

July Ask Me Anything About EC (watch the replay)

By Andrea Olson | Jul 14, 2017

Every month I host a “live” Q+A where you can ask me anything about Elimination Communication. It's our chance to mingle and learn about EC together. (Because who do you know in your neighborhood who does it?!) Today's ask me anything about EC group was awesome. I answered 19 questions, many with the same motif,…

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Easy Catch #4 Getting in or out of something

Easy Catch #4: Getting in or out of something

By Andrea Olson | Jun 19, 2017

Do you pee before a long road trip or at a pit stop? So do babies. Getting into or out of a carseat, high chair or your arms is the perfect time to offer baby the toilet. Let's face it…transition times are awesome! This easy 5 minute video will explain more: You'll learn: how babies…

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top hat potty demonstration

How to use a top hat potty

By Andrea Olson | Jun 5, 2017

Hi. It's time to share my favorite potty with you. The top hat potty, or baby potty bowl, is s really the only thing I recommend as “essential” for ECing from birth or in the first year. It is discreet, comfortable, and lightweight. Great for nighttime. On the go. Nursing. Travel. Car pottying. Indispensable. Incredibly…

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