Easy Catch #4 Getting in or out of something

Easy Catch #4: Getting in or out of something

By Andrea Olson | Jun 19, 2017

Do you pee before a long road trip or at a pit stop? So do babies. Getting into or out of a carseat, high chair or your arms is the perfect time to offer baby the toilet. Let’s face it…transition times are awesome! This easy 5 minute video will explain more: You’ll learn: how babies…

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top hat potty demonstration

How to use a top hat potty

By Andrea Olson | Jun 5, 2017

Hi. It’s time to share my favorite potty with you. The top hat potty, or baby potty bowl, is s really the only thing I recommend as “essential” for ECing from birth or in the first year. It is discreet, comfortable, and lightweight. Great for nighttime. On the go. Nursing. Travel. Car pottying. Indispensable. Incredibly…

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Easy Catch #3 Poop

Easy Catch #3: Poop

By Andrea Olson | Jun 2, 2017

Today we’ll talk poop. Not much else to say other than helping baby poop in the toilet vs. his diaper is a no-brainer! Who likes changing poopy diapers? I don’t. If you want to avoid changing poopy diapers, use elimination communication’s easy catch #3. We’ll dive deep into this topic for about 3 minutes. Enjoy:…

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Easy Catch #2 At every diaper change

Easy Catch #2: Diaper changes

By Andrea Olson | May 22, 2017

If you’ve ever gotten peed on when changing your baby’s diaper, you will probably benefit from this easy catch (#2 of 4). Let’s not get peed on again! When you change your baby’s diaper, you can offer the potty even if baby is already wet. Oftentimes, our babies only let out a pre-pee to save some…

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Easy Catch #1 Wake up + pee

Easy Catch #1: Wake up + pee

By Andrea Olson | May 15, 2017

There are 4 sure-fire “catches” in Elimination Communication. This is the first. The wake-up pee works because of basic biology. Every human emits the AntiDiuretic Hormone (ADH, or Vasopressin if you wanna get scientific with me!) during sleep to prevent them from peeing or pooping themselves during that time. When you wake up, and when…

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Baby Signals 101 Thumbnail play button

Baby Signals 101

By Andrea Olson | May 2, 2017

Yesterday I was at my 3 year old, Isadora’s, t-ball game and I whipped out my top hat potty to see if Branson needed to pee or poo. He’s just 10 weeks old. The other mom in the dugout noticed what I was doing (and clearly had no idea what to think). So she asked…

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Baby Poops In High Chair

Help! My baby goes poop while in her car seat or high chair.

By Andrea Olson | Mar 8, 2017

Q: I have been practicing EC with my  7 month old daughter, June, for 2 months. I provide a number of pottytunities during the day, before nap, after waking, before and after most feedings, before and after car rides, etc and we have many pee catches during the day. She only poops once every other day,…

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17 months on the potty

Why I Don’t Want to be Called a Potty-Training Guru

By Alvana Cundey | May 17, 2016

This is a guest post from our Certified GDF Coach, Alvana Cundey, of Southern New Jersey. I love her story of how easy it is to do EC, from her unique point of view and the whole idea of “imperfection!” xx Andrea For those on the fence about Elimination Communication and whether it could work…

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Ethanael on Potty with Book

Confession: Why I Potty Trained My Son at 15-Months-Old

By Robin Kinney | May 11, 2016

This week’s guest post is from Robin Kinney, our EC Coach in Madison, Wisconsin. I love how Robin has learned how to weave EC with potty training and I hope you are inspired by her story! xx Andrea How bending the rules, believing in your child, and finding the right kind of support can make…

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Owen on Tiny Potty

How EC Helped Ease My Mommy Guilt

By Jessica Barra | Apr 21, 2016

This is a guest post from our Go Diaper Free Certified Coach in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jessica Barra. I hope you enjoy her honest explanation of how EC has helped ease her mommy guilt (and how gracefully she does EC while also working outside the house). xx Andrea Oh, mommy guilt. That horrible beast that strikes…

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