Elimination Communication & Potty Training

with Andrea Olson

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What is Elimination Communication?

Infant Potty Training, or EC, is a gentle, non-coercive way to respond to a baby’s natural pottying needs, from as early as birth, which honors her instincts to not soil herself, her caretaker, or her sleep space.

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When can I start potty training?

I have a gentle parenting background but a firm conviction that “when the parent is done with diapers, the child can be done with diapers.”

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Podcast #1: Why parents are going diaper-free

What are the benefits of doing EC with our babies? And what pushes parents over the edge of doubt into a world of possibility...a world where babies don’t have to depend 100% on diapers?

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How to Make an EC Potty Cozy in 10 Minutes (from an Old T-shirt) - Step by Step

The major problem with putting a young baby on a mini potty is the plastic...it's hard, it's cold...but it's solvable with a "potty cozy."

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What's right for you? Elimination Communication or Potty Training?

Elimination Communication can be started from birth all the way to 18 months old. Whether your little one is a newborn, mobile baby or a young toddler, the foundation for EC stays the same, but it is easier to start sooner than later.

Practicing EC with your child does not have to be a full-time campaign. As a matter of fact, several of the Go Diaper Free community members have practiced Elimination Communication part-time with great success!

Non-coercive Potty Training (training without rewards, M&Ms, sticker charts, force, anger, etc.) can be started anywhere around 18 months old and up. Potty training has a bad reputation for being messy, lengthy, and emotionally destructive. This isn't the case if done right.

Early potty training (starting closer to 18 months old), can turn a 7 to 14 month potty training ordeal into a week or two. Don't "wait for readiness signs" - start working toward diaper independence now.

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Q: I would LOVE to know more about how people in places like the desert or the arctic have done EC for thousands of years? I don’t think they would have nicely contoured potties for little babes to sit on. ~Niladri H., Brighton, UK A: Hey Niladri…although potties are pretty recent inventions, apparently the Ancient Greeks…


The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Elimination Communication

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As if doing EC isn’t (at times) tricky enough for Western parents while at home…taking it on the road can add a-whole-nother dimension. Have you ever had the joy of changing a diaper in an airplane lavatory? How about a sitting amidst a giant poopie diaper blow-out while you’re on a bus (with no bathroom…


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#24: A Brief History of Diapers


Where have we been over the centuries regarding diapers? When did they hit the scene? And how have they affected potty training, our environment, our children, and us as parents? EC educator Andrea Olson answers these questions and more in this brief, 12 minute history of diapers. Download the MP3 here. Please leave your comments…

#23: Potty Pauses: A Refreshing New Perspective


A potty pause in Elimination Communication is similar to a potty strike in potty training. Neither are fun. But in EC, potty pauses can have a deeper purpose. You see…

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