EC is the natural alternative to diaper dependence

Did you know? Over 1/2 the world’s babies are potty independent by 1 year old (Pediatrics Magazine). However, the average of potty training in the US is now 3 years old (webMD).

And, in 1957, 97% of babies were potty trained by 18 months, without harmful potty training methods (this was 2 years before disposable diapers hit the market).

Luckily for those of us who don’t feel good about letting our babies sit in dirty diapers, or throwing away or washing endless diapers, there is another way.

Read on for more information on using infant potty training with your 0-18 month baby or your 18 months and older toddler – I’ve got a resource for everyone, and every parent who is done with diaper dependence!

Elimination Communication for Babies

elimination communication baby

Babies are born with an intense instinct to not soil themselves. EC is a totally natural process that’s been practiced for over 200,000 years, based on this inborn instinct.

For babies ages 0-18 months old, “diaper-free” does not necessarily mean the absence of diapers. It doesn’t mean what most people initially think: that babies are left naked to pee and poop wherever, whenever.

Most of my readers use a diaper back-up while doing elimination communication, Part Time EC is a very popular option, and most are finished with the whole process prior to those who are conventionally toilet trained.

You can easily learn EC with my popular book to start infant potty training today with your 0-18 month baby. Or learn more here prior to deciding to invest in my book and support group.

Elimination Communication for Toddlers

elimination communication toddler

Most parents these days have been led to believe that they must “wait for readiness.” This simply isn’t true (and was announced by a pediatrician working for Pampers just 3 years after the invention of the disposable diaper…do the math!). All toddlers are capable of potty training at whatever age they are today. All of them.

For toddlers over 18 months in age, “diaper-free” simply means that they are done with diapers. Toddlers need not wait til they’re ready…it is more about capability, and all babies and children are born with capabilities many people don’t realize. See my new book for 18 months and up here.

For everyone…

What is diaper-free? “Diaper-free” is another term for infant potty training or Elimination Communication. In a broader sense, it means freedom from full dependence upon diapers. No matter the age of your little one, you can Go Diaper Free here on my website…with clear instruction and straightforward advice.

If you don’t like changing diapers, or how 3 years of diapers can affect the environment, your baby, and your parenting experience, you’re in the right place. I’m here to help. Again, learn more about Elimination Communication (0-18 months) here and non-coercive potty training (over 18 months) here.

xx Andrea

Mother of soon-to-be 3, Author, and Go Diaper Free Certified Coach Program Director

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What my readers are saying

Just caught a pee based on what I’ve read…can’t wait to read more and get better at this…I find your book so helpful, especially the info about obstacles at 5-6 mos. and 10-14 mos…FANTASTIC!!

Lindsay S.
Lindsay S.USA

Thank you for all your help and support! Sometimes I can’t believe that we are doing this. It has been so much easier than I expected. And I owe it all to you and your book.


Hello Andrea, Thanks so much for helping to make my EC journey simple and beautiful. 

I have read a few books on the subject, but found your book to be the most helpful and practical. Your book and videos have become my EC guide.  I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been to find this way of connecting with my boy. It’s easy for fathers to feel a little left out at times. But EC and baby wearing have made me feel like my wife and my baby know I’m doing everything I can to meet their needs! I love it!

Jason H.
Jason H.Monterrey, CA

I began when my son was 3 weeks old. I knew about it before I had him but couldn’t ever really figure out how to hold him and just kinda felt weird to potty an infant. Much less talk about it. Since its not the ‘norm’ here in America. So I waited. We started and BAM! he goes the first time! How awesome! I continued and we were doing pretty well then a downward spiral…So I got back online and found YOU and your work. WOW how much that helped!! (Thank You Andrea!) I love every bit of it. Challenging but enjoyable (if you can say that about pottying an infant ???). I’m thankful I stuck with it. What a wonderful bonding experience it is.


I’ve been reading your website and emails for weeks now and trying to do EC… and I have just finally decided to commit and buy your book so I can do it right! Now, I have the Go Diaper Free ebook open on my iPad, and a bare baby bottom on my lap! :) I haven’t read more than a couple pages in one sitting of any book since she was born 3 months ago.

Elizabeth G.
Elizabeth G.Dallas, Texas

Your book has helped me take the leap into EC.  Had I known it’d be so easy, I’d have started earlier.  My baby is now 13 weeks old.  I started only a week and a half ago and he’s already waiting. I haven’t got much time to read these days…the reason I like your book so much is because it is a much more concise, easier read than all the others out there.

Andi B.
Andi B.London, UK
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