Elimination Communication & Diaper-free

The natural alternative to diaper dependence

Did you know? Over 1/2 the world’s babies are potty independent by 1 year old (Pediatrics Magazine). However, the average of potty training in the US is now 3 years old (webMD). Luckily for those of us who don’t feel good about letting our babies sit in dirty diapers, or throwing away or washing endless diapers, there is another way.

Here at Go Diaper Free, you can easily learn EC with my popular book to start infant potty training today with your 0-18 month baby. Over 18 months? No problem. My non-coercive potty training book will help you get it done.

No matter the age of your dear little one, you can stop depending on diapers full-time, with haste. If you love changing diapers, do not read on…but if you don’t like I don’t, then it’s time to go diaper-free.

So, what is “diaper-free”?

“Diaper-free” is another term for infant potty training or Elimination Communication. In a broader sense, it means freedom from full dependence upon diapers.

EC for Babies

elimination communication baby

For babies ages 0-18 months old, “diaper-free” does not necessarily mean the absence of diapers. It doesn’t mean what most people initially think: that babies are left naked to pee and poop wherever, whenever.

Most of my readers use a diaper back-up while doing elimination communication, Part Time EC is a very popular option, and most are finished with the whole process prior to those who are conventionally toilet trained.

EC for Toddlers

elimination communication toddler

For toddlers over 18 months in age, “diaper-free” simply means that they are done with diapers. Toddlers need not wait til they’re ready…it is more about capability, and all babies and children are born with capabilities many people don’t realize. See my favorite 18+ months resource here.

For everyone…

If you don’t like changing diapers, or how 3 years of diapers can affect the environment, your baby, and your parenting experience, you’re in the right place. I’m here to help. Learn more about Elimination Communication (0-18 months) here and non-coercive potty training (over 18 months) here.

xx Andrea

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