Ever wonder what people did before diapers?

Elimination Communication (also known as infant potty training or EC) is what we did before diapers...and it's what people around the world do today where there are no diapers available.

Babies are born signaling their desire to pee and poo in a hygienic manner. We've simply unlearned this communication (but we can pick it up once again - our babies are ready to potty train!).

Practicing EC can help you reduce or eliminate diaper dependence with your baby as early as birth to 18 months. (18 months and up? Click here.)


Hi! I'm Andrea. Let's begin...how old is your baby?

Elimination Communication can be started anywhere from birth to 18 months old...wherever you are today. Whether your little one is a newborn, a mobile baby, or a young toddler, the foundation for EC stays the same. Start EC as soon as you find out about it, right away, as those baby months slip by so fast.

Practicing EC with your child does not have to be done 24/7. As a matter of fact, most of my readers practice part time Elimination Communication with great success!

EC is not suitable for toddlers over 18 months in age. Toddlers need  quick and direct mastery. Non-coercive Potty Training (training without rewards, M&Ms, sticker charts, force, anger, etc.) can be started as soon as you, the parent, are "ready." Potty training doesn't have to be messy, lengthy, or emotionally destructive if it's done right.

Early potty training can turn a one year potty training ordeal into a week or two. Don't wait for "readiness signs" - start working toward diaper independence now.

“Happy to share that my son was potty trained at about 16 months. And he has been going poo poo on the potty since 7 months thanks to your book (we started at 6 months).”

-Noha, California

“When I first learned about people doing infant potty training I thought, no way, those people are crazy. Well, my baby got a bleeding diaper rash and that's what started us down this journey. So far I find it absolutely AMAZING!!! I thought it would take months for her to get as far as she is now.”
-Anna, Texas

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